Development of protein-fat emulsions based on vitaminized blended vegetable oils






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The article analyzes protein components of different nature, based on studies. It proves a possibility of their use as components of protein-fat emulsions for modeling rational recipes. It determines the rational physical parameters of the emulsification process that guarantee high-quality homogenous emulsions. It investigates the samples of protein-fat emulsions with using fatty components and partial replacing animal fats for vitaminized blending of vegetable oils.According to the results of the studies of the influence of the recipe components on the quality of protein-fat emulsions and also practical recommendations for protein preparations, there were developed the recipes of multi-component protein-fat emulsions, including vitaminized blended vegetable oils and protein components: “Belkoton А91», «Forward 450», «Supro 500Е». Based on the received experimental data, there were determined the rational parameters of emulsification, namely, speed of the process − 3000 turns/min and total duration of the process – 6…10 min and also there was established, that it is expedient to enrich the content of meat pastes with protein-fat emulsions in amount 15…20 %. Thus, the development of recipes of protein-fat emulsions (PFE) is an urgent problem for creating balanced meat products. It will allow to replace fat of the animal origin for vitaminized blended vegetable oils (VBVO) in them, in such a way enriching them with fatty acids and vitamins.


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protein-fat emulsion (PFE), vitaminized, blended vegetable oils (VBVO), emulsifying ability, protein preparations, meat pastes, білково-жирова емульсія (БЖЕ), вітамінізація, змішані рослинні олії, емульгуюча здатність, білкові препарати, пасти м'ясні, кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів, кафедра готельно-ресторанної справи

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Development of protein-fat emulsions based on vitaminized blended vegetable oils / Y. Kotliar, O. Topchiy, A. Kyshenia, M. Polumbryk, K. Garbazhiy, L. Lanzhenko, T. Honcharenko // EUREKA: Life Sciences». - 2018. - Number 3. - C. 41-47.