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Title: Exopolysaccharides synthesis on industrial waste
Authors: Pirog, Tatiana
Ivahniuk, Mykola
Voronenko, Andryi
Keywords: кафедра біотехнології і мікробіології
industrial waste
biosynthesis intensification
промислові відходи
інтенсифікація біосинтезу
промышленные отходы
интенсификация биосинтеза
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Pirog , T. P. Exopolysaccharides synthesis on industrial waste / T. P. Pirog, M. O. Ivakhniuk, A. A. Voronenko // Biotechnologia acta. − 2016. − V. 9, N 2. − Р. 7−18.
Abstract: Data from the literature and our own studies on the synthesis of microbial exopolysaccharides on various industrial waste (food industry, agricultural sector, biodiesel production, etc.) are reviewed here. Utilization of industrial waste to obtain exopolysaccharides will solve not only the problem of secondary raw materials accumulation, but also will reduce the costs of the biosynthesis of practically valuable metabolites. In addition, some kinds of waste have a number of advantages compared to traditional carbohydrate substrates: aside from environmental health benefits, there are technological ones, like the presence of growth factors. There is also no need to use anti-foam substances and substrate sterilization in the latter case.
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