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Title: Deep processing of permeate after nano-filtration (nf) of milky whey
Authors: Zakharov, Volodymyr
Zmievskiy, Yuriy
Ustinov, Olexandr
Dzyazko, Yulia
Mironchuk, Valeriy
Keywords: membrane separation
ozone-gas mixture
nanofiltration permeate
organic pollution
мембранне розділення
озоно-газова суміш
нанофільтраційний пермеат
органічне забруднення
мембранное разделение
озоно-газовая смесь
нанофильтрационный пермеат
органическое загрязнение
кафедра технологічного обладнання та комп’ютерних технологій проектування
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Deep processing of permeate after nano-filtration (NF) of milky whey / V. Zakharov, Yu. Zmievskii, O. Ustinov, Yu. Dzyazko, V. Myronchuk // Membrane and sorption materials and technologies : present and future. – Kiev : ART OK, 2018. – P. 61-65.
Abstract: The method of deep processing of nano-filtration permeate of milk whey is proposed and scientifically substantiated, using ozonation and electrodialysis processes. The ozonation station can remove up to 96 % of organic compounds of NF permeate, and the amount of dissolved ozone in this case should be 20...28 mg/dm3. This treatment allows us to fully utilize NF permeate in the future. It has been established that in order to achieve the posteffect of the impossibility of microflora in the ozone-treated nanofiltration permeate, the minimum amount of dissolved ozone should not be less than 2,5 mg/dm3.
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