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Title: Modification of the Method of Least Squares
Authors: Silvestrov, Anton
M'yakshylo, Olena
Kryvoboka, Halyna
Keywords: рarametric identification
параметрична ідентифікація
ordinary least squares
звичайні найменші квадрати
estimation efficiency
оцінка ефективності
modification of ordinary least squares
модифікація звичайних найменших квадратів
кафедра інформаційних технологій, штучного інтелекту і кібербезпеки
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Silvestrov, A. Modification of the Method of Least Squares / A. Silvestrov, O. M'yakshylo, G. Kryvoboka // Electronics and Control Systems. – 2019. – № 4 (62). – P. 90–95.
Abstract: The article deals with the problems of using a focused multilevel information system in optimal management. In order to make such a system more efficient, it is proposed to modify the least-squares method, which provides unbiased estimates of the parameters in the real situation of noisy measurements of input and output signals of the primary converters. Parameters are estimated using the proposed method, which ensures smoothing of external influences of the model under study on the results. The efficiency of the considered method is confirmed by comparison with the method of least squares
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