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Title: Food value study of acidophilic-whey ice cream
Authors: Polishchuk, Galyna
Osmak (Fedchenko), Tetiana
Bass, Oksana
Mykhalevych, Artur
Keywords: biological value
ice cream
milk whey
milk protein
кафедра технології молока і молочних продуктів
біологічна цінність
молочна сироватка
молочний білок
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Food value study of acidophilic-whey ice cream / G. Polischuk, T. Osmak, O. Bass, A. Mykhalevych // International black sea coastline countries scientific research symposium–VI : Full texts book, 28-30 Apr., 2021. ‒ Turkey : Giresun University, 2021. ‒ P. 816.
Abstract: The dietary structure of most people is extremely inconsistent with modern principles of rational nutrition and practical dietetics. By developing and improving the composition of products that increase the body's resistance in an unfavorable environment, including dairy, it is quite possible to improve the quality of human life, as well as to ensure the body's adaptation to unfavorable living and working conditions. Based on the results of previous studies, new types of acidophilic-whey ice cream, enriched with protein, have been developed. The amino acid composition and mineral composition of new types of ice cream enriched with protein were investigated with the help of amino acid and express analyzers. Based on the daily human need for these substances, it was concluded that the biological value of ice cream, enriched with a complex of proteins, increased by 15% in comparison with the control. It was also found that the introduction of pectin-containing raw materials into the composition of acidophilic-whey ice cream with protein concentrate provides a ratio of minerals that is close to the optimal for all age categories.
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