The use of neural network controllers in the process of sugar evaporation






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The purpose of the presented study is to substantiate the methods of regulating the consumption of syrup in the evaporation station with a forecasting subsystem, which will allow to predict the behavior of the system and the decision-making subsystem, which will reduce the influence of the human factor on the course of the evaporation process. Materials and methods. The work of the evaporation station with the subsystem of forecasting and decision support when regulating the consumption of syrup was researched. In the automation scheme for regulating the flow rate of syrup, induction flow meters are used as a sensor. Pneumatic saddle valves with a built-in throttle and an electro-pneumatic converter were used as actuators.


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evaporation, syrup, control, forecasting, випарювання, сироп, керування, прогнозування, кафедра інформаційних технологій, штучного інтелекту і кібербезпеки

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Hrama, M. The use of neural network controllers in the process of sugar evaporation / M. Hrama // Modern methods, information, software and technical support of control systems for organisational, technical and technological complexes : materials of the X International Scientific and Technical Internet Conference, 24 November 2023, Kyiv. – Kyiv : NUFT, 2023. – Pp. 76-77