Consumer basket - paradox of ukrainian economy






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The paper analyses the problem of exictance of consumer basket in Ukraine, which is «old-fashioned» and does not meet modern standarts of living in Ukraine. National security of a region or a diswtrict, as well as whole country, depends on the food security of this country. So, today the issue of food security becomes increasingly important and requires closer attention. Current problems in this area is existence of "old-fashioned" consumer basket, which does not meet modern standards of living in Ukraine and in accordance with applicable law can not be considered as legitimate. Existing basket is unable to meet the actual needs of the population and requires immediate review by the government. In society there is a perception: "If eat in accordance with the standards of the consumer basket, it is the easiest way to get to the hospital with a diagnos of "exhaustion"".


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consumer basket, need, food security, споживчий кошик, продовольча безпека, потреба, потребительская корзина, потребность, продовольственная безопасность, кафедра економіки праці та менеджменту

Бібліографічний опис

Tikhonova, A. Consumer basket - paradox of ukrainian economy / A. Tikhonova // Economy development: theory and practice : articles of 10th Professor Vladas Gronskas International Scientific Postgraduate and PhD Students Conference, 5th of December. - Vilnus University: Kaunas, Lithuania, 2013. – 454 p.