Influence of edible coatings on rye and rye-wheat bread quality






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The coating does not affect the shape of the products, allows to level the surface and makes it shiny, gives the colors a yellowish tint, does not affect the taste, because the coating itself has a neutral taste, it is easy to chew, the smell remains unchanged. The edible coating is an effective packaging material since the moisture of the products decreases slowly and at the same level with synthetic packing materials. The moisture preservation of products in the edible coating can be attributed to the vapor permeability of the coating, which is 4.77 mg/(m∙h∙kPa). The thickness of the coating is 0.540±0.005 mm. The thickness of the bread bags is 0.030 mm. The ability to absorb water by the bread crumb stored in synthetic material is slightly higher. The bread in the edible coating has crumbles as well as the bread stored in synthetic packaging. Freshness of products in edible coating for 48 hours of storage is higher by 3 % compared to products in synthetic packaging, at the end of storage (72 hours) – is greater by 2 % in the product in synthetic packaging. The moisture content of coating is 72 %, after drying and forming the coating on the bread surface, the moisture content of the coating is 5 %.


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Bread, Coating, Packaging, Shelf-life, хлеб, покрытие, упаковка, срок хранения, хліб, покриття, упаковка, термін зберігання, кафедра експертизи харчових продуктів

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Shulga, О. Influence of edible coatings on rye and rye-wheat bread quality / O. Shulga, A. Chorna, S. Shulga // Ukrainian Journal of Food Science. - 2017. - Volume 5. Issue 1. - P. 82-91.