Formation database of accounting cases in the enterprise food industry







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Materials of investigations and current information about accidents allowed to estimate the state of safety of labour and serve as foundation for development of measures on activation of prophylactic work on warning of production traumatism. The program is constructed by a programming of C++ language. «An account of accidents is on an enterprise» allows to create the bank of data necessary for the analysis of reasons and circumstances of industrial accidents; to form, to print, to send on electronic e-mail reports of acts on a form N-1. An act on a form N-1 is a primary document for an account, analysis and development of measures, on the removal of reasons of traumatism. The form of act about an accident is made so, that enables to conduct the deep analysis of reasons of traumatism and on the basis of it to develop and carry out effective measures on his decline. Information of act can expose the real picture of event and bring a benefit only to the that case, when they are made correctly and objectively on the basis of the preliminary conducted investigation of accident. Even insignificant inaccuracy, omission and haste, at drafting of act can result in a wrong conclusion. By the basic transmitters of informative base, and also primary statistical documents in the system of operative account and analysis of production traumatism is an act about the accident of form of Н-1 and report about investigation of accident of form of Н-2, hospital letter, and also annual reports.


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Бібліографічний опис

Evtushenko, O. Formation database of accounting cases in the enterprise food industry / О. Evtushenko // Технические науки - от теории к практике: XIV Международная заочная научно-практическая конференция. – Новосибирск, 2012.