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Title: Advantages of combination protein preparation in technology of balanced product
Authors: Fursik, Oksana
Strashynskyi, Igor
Pasichnyi, Vasyl
Keywords: білкові препарати
раціональне співвідношення
амінокислотний склад
protein preparations
rational ratio
amino acid composition
кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Fursik, O. Advantages of combination protein preparation in technology of balanced product / O. Fursik, I. Strashynskyi, V. Pasichnyi // Youth scientific achievements to the 21st century nutrition problem solution : 83 International scientific conference of young scientist and students, April 5-6. – K. : NUFT, 2017. – P. 1. – P. 336.
Abstract: Information on the rational ratio of plant and animal origin proteins to balance the amino acid composition of the food compositions was presented. For determination of rational ratio of protein preparations have used information about amino acid composition the proteins of plant origin (soy, peas, sunflower, etc.) and animal origin (beef and pork skins, dried whey, blood proteins, milk, eggs, egg albumin and blood plasma) available on the market.
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