Boutique hotels and their prospects at ukrainian market






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Firstly, the paper is aimed at providing a definition of a boutique hotel, based upon both written definitions and interviews with real estate developers. Secondly, it distinguishes the characteristic features of boutique hotels, relying upon the data reviewed in order to define their value for the customers. Thirdly, the research provides analysis of a top Kyiv boutique hotel according the following parameters: location, services provided, and general customer satisfaction. Lastly, it discusses conditions that allow for boutique hotel success both in Kyiv and all over the country.


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кафедра ділової іноземної мови та міжнародної комунікації, boutique hotel, services, Kyiv, бутік готель, послуги, Київ, бутик-отель

Бібліографічний опис

Konotopov, O. Boutique Hotels and Their Prospects at Ukrainian Market / O. Konotopov, O. Kovalchuk // Youth scientific achievements to the 21st century nutrition problem solution : 82 International scientific conference of young scientist and students, April 13-14, 2016 : book of abstract. Part 4. – Kyiv : NUFT,2016. – P. 171.