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Title: Systematical overwide of google lens efficiency during stem classes
Authors: Shapovalov, Yevhenii
Bilyk, Zhanna
Shapovalov, Viktor
Keywords: STEM
computer technologies
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Publisher: Науково-Практична Конференція З Міжнародною Участю «Імерсивні Технології В Освіті»
Citation: Shapovalov, Y. B. Systematical overwide of google lens efficiency during stem classes / Y. B. Shapovalov, Z. I. Bilyk, V. B. Shapovalov // Імерсивні технології в освіті : збірник матеріалів. – 2021. – PP. 29–32.
Abstract: Today the most of the studies devoted to theory of education, but only very few of them are devoted to providing of practical usage of them. Also, today, STEM- approach in education is a trend. To provide it, a lot of tools were recommended. For example, VR, AR tools, LMSs, VR tools, semantic and cognitive ontology tools, virtual modeling and calculation tools. Very perspective tools to provide immersion are AR tools. It was proved that Google Lens and Google expeditions are perspective tools to use under STEM education. Google Lens is a tool of AR that can be used during biology that of unique tools that are very effective. It can involve students to provide in studies during classes and after school time. Also, Google lens can be used in history, architecture, mineralogy, geology, engineering.
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