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Title: Indentification of moisture: nanoparticles in the butter submicrostructure
Authors: Rashevska, Tamara
Gulyy, Ivan
Pryadko, Nikolai
Nishchenko, M.
Lihtorovich, S.
Keywords: butter
сливочное масло
вершкове масло
кафедра теплоенергетики та холодильної техніки
кафедра технології молока і молочних продуктів
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Indentification of moisture: nanoparticles in the butter submicrostructure / T. Rashevskaya, I. Gulyi, N. Pryadko and other // E-MRS Spring Meeting : Book of Abstracts. - Strasbourg, France, 2001. - P. 38.
Abstract: By means of the elcectron microscopy study of the butter samples obtained by freezing-and-cleavage teehnique we have shown that their submicrostructure contains spherical particles, 2 to 100 nm in diameter, which can also aquire anisotropic shapes.
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